Brand 2020 and Bellwether Group

Welcome to the Brand 2020 and Bellwether Group. The Brand 2020 Group was founded by leading professionals from the Banking and Insurance Industries in 2001.

Brand 2020

We are strategic management consultants in the financial services industry who specialise in:

  • Merger & acquisition support
  • Consolidation
  • Exit strategy support
  • We also offer strategic marketing advice, especially in corporate marketing, product design and launch and B2B sales. We have extensive Events and organisational experience.

In the last ten years we have worked with over 50 leading financial institutions worldwide.

Brand 2020 services


Bellwether works with more than 450 IFA firms, Discretionary Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Service providers and networks.

We inform the Professional Adviser of potential solutions to deal with the current issues being faced by him and his clients and offer :

  • Income stream maximisation
  • Investment process design and management
  • Tax efficient propositions
  • Remuneration modelling
  • Wrap solutions and integration
  • State of the art technology systems

As well as our in house specialists we work with a range of industry experts and providers in each of the areas above.

This means that as well as good advice we can actually bring practical solutions to these business issues. Confidentiality is very important to us but many of our clients have given us permission to use the work we have done with them as case studies and we are happy to discuss these with you.

Bellwether Marketing services